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About the championship

VLN is the most inclusive and riveting endurance championship on the planet. It takes place 9 times a year and in each event there are over 170 vehicles competing for first place. Participants are allowed to drive all types of car models – from basic compact cars to purpose-built GT3 vehicles. All of them are vying to conquer the most challenging circuit on the globe, the 24 kilometers of Nordschleife, also referred to as the green hell“!

The first VLN championship took place in 1977 when several German auto clubs, members of ADAC and DMV, decided to join forces and start a joint race. Prior to that, each of the clubs held its own race at Nürburgring, which lasted 3.5 to 6 hours. Unifying the races under one championship lead a unification of the rules and attracted more drivers. VLN is often associated with 24h Nürburgring because of the similarities between the rules and the participants, but the events are different.

One of the advantages of VLN is that it includes races with Cayman GT4 Trophy by Manthey-Racing, a special class of vehicles which allow drivers to showcase heir abilities by competing on an absolutely level playing field.

One of the most riveting car races in the world is waiting for its new champions!